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Music Lovers??

Picked up some nice tunes from emusic.com today. Had 30 credits I needed to use by the 21st.. Talked a bit about my ongoing relationship with that site on this post: Randoming

Any way I think I picked up some good stuff. eMusic has formed some sort of alliance with a couple of record labels (Sony being the last one, I think) and really have started cataloging some fine music.

Give these a listen if you’d like. Bet you can find most of them on lastfm.com

Robert Shaw        Bach: Mass in B Minor
Bach: Mass in B minor, BWV 232: I. Missa: Kyrie
Bach: Mass in B minor, BWV 232: I. Missa: Gloria
Bach: Mass in B minor, BWV 232: II. Symbolum Nicenum
Bach: Mass in B minor, BWV 232: III. Sanctus
Bach: Mass in B minor, BWV 232: IV: Osanna, Benedictus, Agnu

The Infamous Stringdusters - Album of the same name
Won't Be Coming Back
Well, Well
When Silence Is The Only Sound
Bound for Tennessee
Glass Elevator
Three Days in July
The Way I See You Now
Golden Ticket
I Wonder
Get It While You Can
You Can't Handle The Truth
Lovin' You
Black Rock

Peter Schilling
Major Tom (Voellig Losgeloest) This one is in GERMAN! Didn’t realize it until I just heard it. HAHAHAHA! Cool listen!

Johnny Nash
I Can See Clearly Now
Stir it Up!

Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me)

J.D. Souther
You're Only Lonely

Soldier of Love

John O'Callaghan
Surreal (Original Mix)

Avril Levigne Under my Skin
Fall To Pieces

Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys
Man of Constant Sorrow
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