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Hey Kids!

Guess what Daddy got tonight!

No he didn’t get laid!

No not that!

No not that either.

Daddy got a Fire Engine Red 4 Quart Crock Pot! He is excited!

It came with a recipe for Pulled Pork! And Pot Roast! And Beef Stew! And Chili! And Lemon Herb Roasted Chicken! And Baby Backs! A quite a few other yummy things to cook!

Bought on the advise of one of my single guy cohorts at work.

So I’ll be shopping for ingredients this weekend for at least one of the above!

Y’all got any favorite slow cooker recipes? Ummm. No tofu please.



Also got some soft ended tongs. So’s I don’t scratch my nonstick pans.

And some “Why Bother” (decaf) Coffee. As well as a can of the leaded stuff. Figure I like coffee. A lot! I’ll just see (this weekend) if that decaf will keep me up at night.

And Target had pods for my Senseo coffee maker as well. I was about to chuck that thing. But now I’ve got fresh pods we’ll just see if it can still make a decent EU style cup of coffee. In the morning. If not. OUT SHE GOES!


Have an early morning telcon with the Asian Overlord. Another Work From Home day!

Probably be my last one-on-one with him. Not looking forward to it really. I had a for shit year as far as work goes. We’ll see.

But something tells me I am not gonna feel like working but half a day. 3 - 1/2 day weekend! YAY! Wait Friday is my day off innit? Oh yes.


Got a pile of things to do this weekend. Most of them around here. So frickin’ domestic. A lot of furniture moving and shifting, I think. A good crock pot meal will hit the spot yanno?

Supposed to meet The Canadians for beers and horseshoes at the West Alabama Ice House on Saturday. All the years I’ve lived in this town and I’ve never been to this place. Been to a lot of other ice houses and honky tonks around. But not here.

Uh yeah we’ll see. Apparently that Pup they’ve got is giving them both quite the workout. “Worse than a kid!” is what Susie-Q says.

Heh! Don’t I know it.


The Fucking Weather cracked me up: Fucking Weather. Go ahead click it. Participate.

All I got..

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