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The Senseo gets to stay a bit longer I guess. The coffee pods make much better coffee when they are fresh. DUH!

The cups it makes are very low volume though compared to what we in the US think a cup oughta be. That said Senseo has a setting for TWO cups!


The One-on-One went about very predictably. Man just pisses me off. At one point we were talking about how counterproductive ANGER is (And it is, mostly) and he launched off into a short dissertation about fear. WTF?!? He DID piss me off. Didn’t show it. And I was saved from a discussion about fear (What!?) by one of my co-horts showing up on the telcon line for HIS 1on1.

I think the Overlord is actually scared. So after I hung up... My half day of vacation started at about 8:30 this morning. So sue me.

What happened next?


Double-Stuf OREOS and a big ol’ glass o’ milk for breakfast. *grins* Not ideal but hey, tastes good going down.


Looks to be another beautiful day in Paradise! Got the patio door and the windows in my bedroom open. There’s a nice cool breeze. A lot less humid than yesterday. Phew!


Need to go by BB&B and see if they have the smaller version of the panels I want to order just so I can see what they look and feel like.

Need to do a little grocery shopping at some point over the next few days.

Oh and thefuckingweather.com agrees with my assessment of the situation outside.


So I’m showered and fed (relatively speaking) and ready to meet the day. And hell, it’s already 1230!
Tags: 42, not work, work
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