TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Had a Nice Lunch

With rheyamorgaine and Sir. Tried to go to Fuddruckers, but the parking lot was full, I made the assumption that Fudd’s would be too.

So next door to Princes’ we went. Had a nice time getting to know another of my LJFriends. Food was had by all. Conversation was had by all.

And I STILL don’t think I could pass the security check! Inside joke.



Meanwhile back at the ranch...

(Or apartment)

Taken two drawers or shelves out of the fridge washed them (they are drying on the patio). Re-arranged the other shelves to something workable, so I can actually SEE what is in there before it ROTS...*phew* Science experiments in the fridge! *heh*

Washed and folded two loads of laundry.

Moved the short chest out of the way. Brought in the shelf unit from the storage room, got it situated and moved the other down the wall with it.

I’ll have to fasten them to the wall at some point it looks like. Don’t like the way they are standing.

So. I’m having a little break. Beer and a smoke and then I’ll get back after it.

Cheers y’all!
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