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News Of the World...

Well my world anyway...



Worked most of... ALL OF the weekend trying to re-arrange my little corner of the world. Don’t get me wrong, I took a few breaks. More about that later.

Think I have every thing where it will work... It may not be exactly the way I WOULD like it, but it is do-able. It is what it is.

Had gotten my CAD software up and running, measured the apartment and everything in it. Got it all in the computer and started working it out. Then it was time to start moving furniture around for REAL.

Got everything into the bedroom that I thought was supposed to go and the order it was supposed to be in. I swear the room shrank. Packed a little tight in here. Hell, it’s real tight.

Then I started in the living room. Damned if I didn’t get it partially moved when it dawned on me that halfway through it would work, but it would give me any more (or at least the appearance of more) live-able space. If I couldn’t put a chair in the bedroom like I wanted, that with a little adjustment I might be able to put one (of some kind) in the living room. Back to the drawing board. Just about completely scrapped my original plan, which was basically just a flip of the existing space anyway. Came up with something that will at least make it look like there is more space in here than there was before. I mean really square footage is still square footage, right? Some arrangements though do give the appearance of more space.

The place is still a mess but the furniture is pretty much where it’s gonna be. It’s cozy, if a guy can use that word for a man-space.

Gotta rework the surround sound. It wasn’t gonna be that much work with my original intention, but now. Feh!

And the lighting is all in the wrong place but I’ll get there. Quite a bit to do yet.

I’m afraid by the time I get it right they’ll raise the rent and I’ll have to move!


Met The Canadians for a few beers at a local ice house Saturday afternoon. Their new pup is giving them a run for their money I think. Not sure if they’ve ever raised an urban dog before, so the little shit is givin’ ‘em hell. They are spoiling him rotten of course. *heh* Treating him just like a little kid.

Discussed a whole buncha stuff in the short space we had. You know ~ Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Good to see them. I’ve missed ‘em. And I will miss them. Moving back to Calgary in February. C’est la vie!


The damned DVD drive in my mac will not read a disc. Pulls it in, makes a few clunky type noises and then spits it back out. Sometimes. Wasn’t screwing up before the last service I had done on it. Looks like another trip to the Apple store is in order. Merde!


Had a call from friends Mi and Ri today. Kind of funny as I was thinking of calling them when the phone rang. In fact I was reaching for the phone when it started ringing. Scared the crap out of me!

Invited me for dinner - A cheese cauliflower soup (which the sent me home with a pile of). It was YUM! Filet Mignon and twice baked potatoes. Washed down good Ohio Apple cider.

Asked Ri what I could do about getting some actual photo prints copied (he is a professional Photog in his other life. When he’s not working contract for NASA. He’s damned good too.

Boy loaned me a a rig for my camera and a macro lens. Said once I got the settings right it would be a helluva lot faster than scanning them. BONUS!

But now I’ll have to get busy with that. Bet I have at least a couple hundred photos to re-photograph.


And the apartments started door to door trash pickup tonight. Kinda cool, but you have to use their container to set it out. Not a big deal really, but just what I need is another piece of stuff to stuff in here.

The contracting company will pickup at your door step 4-5 nights a week. But only what is bagged and in their container. No oversize stuff.


Some exciting life I lead, eh?

How’s by y’all?
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