TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

At the Apple Store

Again *sigh*. I think they damaged my DVD drive the last time I brought it in for the last repair. Genius tells me in order to get to the logic board they have move the drive. Suspicious? I am. Good news is, they have the part in stock.

Told her about the dead battery in it. Getting a new one of those too! She put a battery check program on it. She says, "Yup! It's bad." Turned the screen around to show me. A big yellow rectangle is on the screen and in big red letters in the middle BAD BATTERY. Pretty simple. And covered!

So the better news is... I'll just hang around till they are finished.

Worse places to hang out and people watch I reckon.

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Tags: 42, apple, mbp, via ljapp
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