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I was sitting here a while ago and I wanted to do a re-download of some security software I had purchased. I opened the registration email I got in December.

Clicked the link. Entered my order number, and started to enter my password. The password field came out with:

The cursor was still blinking...and moving. I clicked in the middle of the field and the cursor would scroll off to the right. AND JUST KEEP GOING(!)

clicked in the address bar of my browser (Firefox) same thing! scrolls right off to the right. SHIT!

I thought I had picked up some freaky kind of virus or spyware. What ever it was it was certainly malware of somekind. So I turned the PC off. Not something I would normally recommend, but desperate times call for desperate actions. Turned the damned thing back on. It went through it's cycle. I clicked my user name and started to enter my password - instead of ******** what I got was ------------------------------------------------

DAMMIT! It is still doing it! So I managed to get logged onto The Queen's account (no password and limited administrator functions) Went through the browser routine again and it was STILL doing the dashdashdashdashdashdashdashdashdashdashdashdashdash dashdash dashdashdashdashdash thing. By this time I am panicing (well almost anyway) Let's just say my frustration level was quite ELEVATED!! I even went to a restore point from 3 or 4 days ago and did a system restore. No dice even after the reboot sequence. Shit!

Racking my brain trying to think what the hell was going on...

*Light bulb moment* - 'You know that looks like the "-" key is just being pressed continuously,' I thought. Looked my keyboard over. Neither of them seems to be stuck(!) Wait for it.....

What about the OTHER keyboard. The Queen likes those ergo keyboards and I keep one stashed for her to use under the desk. I look at the damned thing....

Here it comes: It had fallen off it's perch on the PC case. Sure enough when I picked the durned thing up the "------------------------" stopped!

Tags: computing, stupid shit!
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