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Utterly Frustrating

This morning:


My plans for this morning were cancelled.


I swear this apartment complex is gonna nickel and dime me to death. Got TWO supplementary bills this month.

One for electricity in September. They got a bill for this apt so they’ve passed it on to me. This was right after I moved in. Remember I was told I was moving into a different apartment. Had the electricity in THAT apartment turned on. On moving day I was told, “Oh no, you are moving into the original one.


Have to hunt down the paperwork I have from Reliant on this. I will NOT be paying this one because the electric company had to do an “Investigation” as they called it. Before they would take the account to my real apartment.

Also got a storage bill from them for NOVEMBER. Looks like it was my fault (although I am hard pressed to believe this) because I forgot (forgot??) to pay the storage room bill when I paid my rent? Looks like I did though. SHIT!


Got a bill for X-rays from November as well. My insurance company paid $43. And I got a frickin’ bill for over TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. Called the insurance company, but of course they are closed on Saturdays.

Called the care provider. “Apparently you haven’t met your deductible.RUFKM!! Gotta call those bozos at the insurance company on Monday. Any body tells me we don’t need healthcare reform in this goddam country, IS FULL OF SHIT!! The amount of money that my employer and I pay for insurance is FUCKING RIDICULOUS. And I still get bills like this.


Called the electric company to apply a “Housewarming credit” of 50 Bucks. “Oh no sir, this is for new customers only when they sign up for a plan.“ I was a new customer. ”Yessir but you are four months into you plan now.“ It doesn’t say that on the coupon I’ve got.

WTF does a body have to do to save a little money around here?


Thank you... I feel so much better now.
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