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I Hate Mondays!

Well not all Mondays. Just this one, I guess.

Guess I may have *ahem* over indulged in the beverages last night. Not terribly over much. Because I just don’t do that anymore.

But I woke up groggy(ier) and feeling grumpy(ier) than usual. I just could not face going into the office today. I also didn’t feel like working from home. So I’ve taken a day off.

I feel like poop.


This semi-overindulgence has been happening too often for my liking. I gotta wonder what in hell is going on with me.

This has left me sitting here in the darkened gloom in my apartment wondering, ‘Why?’ Weather isn’t helping. Cold and rainy. Blecccchhh.

I’m in a funk.


I got a lot done over the last 2 days, just not enough that I’m happy with progress made around here. Reckon I spent too much time poring over a couple of days of newspapers Saturday and yesterday and this put me behind, overall around here. Reckon it would help if I read the papers on the day they came. Rather than all at one sitting.




not good.
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