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Super Sunday Fare... HIKE!

Heh heh...

Good Morning!

Slow cooked baby back ribs


2 -4 Racks Babyback ribs
2-3 Onions (chopped)
2-4 Cups Bar-B-Que Sauce

  1. Cut ribs into three or four pieces
  2. Put ribs in the cooker
  3. Top with onion and sauce
  4. Cook on low for 7-9 hours
To serve cut ribs between the bones and coat with extra sauce as desired

Got three racks of baby backs. Unfortunately my crock pot would only hold about one and a half racks. Shucks...

So I modified the formula. A little...

1-1/2 racks (The other 1-1/2 went into the freezer for another day)
1 onion
3 cups BBQ sauce.

All went into the cooker this morning right on time. This is the first meal I’ve cooked in the crock pot. I hope they come out okay. At the very least. Spectacular would be better of course!

Got a friend or two coming over. Bringing potato salad, and chips and dip. Oh and BEER!


Go Saints!

Honestly, neither of the teams are my favorite (Texans). But if any team deserves a win (Well they both do really) in the Super Bowl it would be the Saints!

Wait... Lingerie Bowl VII? Go Chicago! *grins*
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