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Stress manifests itself in everyone in different ways. We had a meeting for the Offshoreing and employment thing on Friday. It didn’t sit well with me, but the stress part didn’t really manifest itself, until last night / early this morning. And that sucks.

Even though I had a pretty good time last night and was feeling all right...When I went to bed it was “Okay, let’s roll around and think about this,” time.

Which sucks for sleep.

The Managed Open Resourcing starts today. I should go into the system and tidy up my resume and get a look at the job postings. But I just cannot make myself do it. And that sucks.

Maybe I’ll be able to do it later. If not, well tomorrow is another day.

The thought, “Thanks for the 30 years of your life, but now we don’t need you anymore” keeps rolling around in here. The ‘Implied contract’ between employee and employer really is over for me now.And that sucks.

I mean I know it was really over quite a few years back, but now it has come home to roost.

And given the low rating (partly my fault, I don’t do corporate politics) I was given for last year, it may be difficult for me to secure another position within. I need to face up to the fact that I may have to look elsewhere for a continued employment situation. And that sucks.

We have (within the company) our own culture. And being within that culture for the last 30 years has really insulated me from reality. And that sucks.

This whole thing just sucks, big time.

And the worst part? I’m not feeling depressed about this, I am fucking ANGRY!

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