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Seem to Have Done Myself an Injury

The muscles in my neck seem to have a mind of their own. I hurt from my chin and the back of my head down to my collarbone. Apparently I have pulled something. And pulled it gooooooood.

Shower didn’t help much. The one of those thermo therapy things I had, must have been seriously expired. The adhesive wouldn’t stick. After arguing with the thing for about 45 minutes last night I finally gave up , rolled over and went to sleep. And woke promptly at 4:00 AM. Something woke me. Don’t think it was my neck. Could have been the CPAP. I need a new mask, and to trim my beard as well. (Needs a haircut as well.) The seal is going bad I think. I’ll get the mask part taken care of on payday.

Called the mask people earlier this week and the told me my supplies package was gonna cost me a whopping $191.00. Last time it was $28.00. Apparently I have not met my deductible. DUH! It’s February!

Jeebus. Why the fuck do I have insurance? But I need the thing so I’ll cough up...

Gotta work today too. And by myself. Our round of Managed Open Resourcing (henceforth to be referred to here as “MOR”) started yesterday. I’ll update my internal resume if I get time today (I doubt it). Or sometime this weekend (Doubtful). Or Monday (BINGO!).


Happy Friday, y’all!
Tags: 42, cpap, ouchie
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