TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

What Does a Guy Have To Do...?

Sent myself out on a quest yesterday...

I need a new robe. The days of “One-Size-Fits-Most” are behind me at the present time. The ones that I have still mostly fit, but I would like one that envelopes me in cushy warmfullness. Without the fear that I might be flashing someone.

One of the two that I have was a gift from Herself some years back. Came from Restoration hardware and is very nice and cottony. A fine robe it is. But the fear of flashing thing is getting the best of me. I have another light cotton one that is nice as well. But again, FLASH!

So I surfed on over to CasualMale.com. These folks specialize in big and tall *sigh* Selection is somewhat limited though. So I called the nearest retail store here in town. Once I ascertained they did indeed stock robes, I cruised on over there after I finished with work.

Had a nice 20-something help me out. So the XL-XXL size fits me well enough. But I balked at the price. $65. Now I think I remember at the time Herself bought me that other robe it was priced similarly. But still. So the retail princess that was helping me out said, “well this is a sbig and tall store so we gotta have big prices. Then she directed me to look at JC Penny. Target, Sears, etc. If I didn’t find anything I liked I could always come back and get the one I liked there. I confess I was rather astonished that she would send me out to someplace else, I thanked her and headed to the JCP near the apartment.

Nada, Nothing, zip, zero. Hit the Palais Royal a little further down. N-o-t -a-o-n-e. Went to Stein-Mart around the corner. The had a robe or two, but nothing that really caught my eye. Some flimsy IZOD (not a fan) “One-Size-Fits-Most” bullshit. I did get a couple Ralph Lauren summer weight short sleeve sport shirts while I was there for 18 bucks apiece. Not a total loss.

Target is right across the way. Not a single thing. Decided while I was there I’d do a little shopping. Picked up a few grocery staples and some kitchen stuff.

Set of two Michael Graves flexile mixing bowls. Cannot find them on the Web site though. Must be why they didn’t scan last night at the checkout either. I know these things were priced over $25.00 and the gal at the checkout gave them to me for nine.

A set of three colanders. Four and two quart and a skimmer.My old one was looking a little rusty. These are plastic.

A Standup grater.

And some staple type stuff and some snacks.

But no ROBE! *grins*


Yanno if yer gonna do some wash it helps if you close the derned thing.


So barring what I could get at Casual Male XL, I think I might like one of these from Duluth Trading Company as well: Firehose and/or Souped up sweats.


So the washing machine is finished and I need to see about paying the bills.

Anybody watching the Olympics?
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