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Grand Slam for Breakfast? Don't Mind if I Do!

T’s loves him a Grand Slam Breakfast. But this morning was a little different. I didn’t go out.

Cooked bacon, a couple of eggs over medium. AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnd


Delish! if I do say so myself.

Ok, but it wasn’t perfect. I still haven’t mastered watching multiple things going on in the kitchen yet. So the bacon was a little overcooked (read slightly burned *grins*) and I broke one of the eggs and the pancakes were from a mix.

But soooooooooooooo what. It was gooooooood.


Watching the Olympics, peripherally. Already got the dishes done. Need to finish the laundry today.


The heating pad I bought while I was out last night will be going back to CVS today. I chose badly, apparently. No big deal.


Got the patio doors and the bedroom windows open today. A very pleasant day so far...

If I could get my neck to stop whatever the hell it’s doing it’d be a little better. But I’ve got stuff to do...

How’s by y’all?
Tags: apartment life, cooking, random scenes from my life, simple things
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