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5 Questions from jules_perox

1) How would you get visitors to step off the tourist trail and come and visit Houston? Or wouldn't you?!

Well first and foremost I AM HERE...*grins* Seriously though...

Let’s talk about NASA. Pretty nice visitor’s center.

Houston is one of the greenest cities I ever lived in. I don’t mean environmentally green. We pretty much suck at that. I mean the color green. There are more trees in the inner city than you can count. When I used to commute into downtown from the ‘burbs, there is a section of the HOV that is waaaaaay above everything else around it. The panorama is positively green with vegetation.

Then there’s RODEO season. Which is starting as we speak. The Houston Livestock show and Rodeo is the second largest in the western hemisphere. It can be a lot of fun. The largest is in Calgary.

Houston (or Texas) can serve as a gateway to the western states.

We are a short distance from some of the prettiest real estate in the state: The Texas Hill Country.

Pretty good fishin’ in the Gulf o’ Mexico, I’m told.

2) What does it mean to you to be a 'Texan?'

Not nearly as much as it does to be a United States Citizen. Patriotic and proud of it!

3) The world no longer needs computers. What do you re-train as to earn money?

Oh shit. That’s close to my heart. Probably something to help the environment that hopefully includes a lot of travel. The two can be somewhat at crossways but you asked.

Or get a sailing certification, and spend some of my retirement money on a sailboat and charter it part of the year. Just enough to live on and make the notes and insurance.

4) What was the last 'Live' sport event you went to?

HAH! Does shuffleboard last night with The Offspring count?

Probably an Astros baseball game a few years ago. Baseball is still a relatively cheap spectator sport when compared to the NFL or NBA. Maybe the rodeo. See above.

5) What was the very first CD that you bought?

The very first CD was probably Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon. To replace a vinyl copy that was worn out...

The very first vinyl was... So long ago I cannot remember exactly. Probably the Beach Boys, The Beatles or something MoTown-ish.

These were harder to answer than I thought.
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