TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Slow Start Today...

Really slow.

The Offspring and I hit Mi Luna last night for dinner. First time I had Tapas. Interesting. Cannot post a link because they’ve apparently lost their domain.

I will just say this. Very good. We had a variety of different things.

Decided to forgo the movie thing. Instead we went to Rudz for drinks and a few rounds of shuffle board.

I let her kick my ass a few times...

Was a fairly early night as we were both tired. Once I got home I sat down on the couch and tried to read the paper and watch the Olympics. After the 3d time I nodded out I finally went to bed. Slept fairly well. No interruptions from the neighbors, maybe they finally got the message.

Woke up before it was light, looked over at the clock, said to myself, “Awwww hell, naw” Rolled over and went back to sleep.

Have done mostly nothing today so far and it’s after 2:00 PM. Need a haircut today. Maybe ~ maybe not. Gonna pay some bills. Other than that? Gonna be a pretty uneventful day.
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