TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

All I Got... But It's Early Yet

Looked at internal job postings yesterday until my eyes crossed and my head hurt. That is to say ALL DAY.

Got a few things so far that I want to take a closer look at, but nothing that really reaches out to me.

Be back at it today.

And then tomorrow I will probably be putting in Applications for said “Opportunities”

This is a seriously revolting development in my life. At least my professional life. Kinda scary too.


Got “Angels and Demons” from Netflix on Monday. Interesting. Good. But certainly not great. Nice treatment of Dan’ Brown’s Tome though.

Watched “Caligula” last night from my Instant viewing queue via the 360. I saw that movie the first time shortly after it came out. Bizarre then. So hacked up to make it suitable for renting that it is nearly incomprehensible now. Not nearly as steamy in it’s present version as the original was.

Also been hitting some episodes (5 out of 6 at last count) of the BBC documentary, “Walking With Dinosaurs”. Not too bad, either. As the shows are 29 minutes they make good filler.

Too much television. *sigh*


Sick of winter weather too. Didn’t see any snow yesterday, just rain. But friends did, out on the west side and up to the north. Okay by me. Not a real fan of the white stuff.


The folks I was talking about way back when in this post? Haven’t heard from them since New Years. Left a couple of voice mails. Not a return phone call. Sent an email off yesterday that basically said:

OK. Not sure what is going on here. Left a couple VM’s. You have not returned a call.

Did y’all decide I wasn’t worth the trouble or what? Perfectly understandable if you did, but you might have the courtesy to let a fella know.

Ball is in your court. Call, Email or Text. Or not. Your choice.

Be well,

What do you bet there will be no response whatsoever?


Back after it.
Tags: 42, work
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