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Late Night Random...

Picked up some prescriptions late tonight (24 hour pharmacies gotta love ‘em) Most of them (two outta three) are generics (Cheap). The other however, was not. And costs 5 times what the generics cost. Asked the pharmacist what he actual cost was. He said $100.00. No wait $150.00. I said, “you are kidding”

“No sir.”



It’s no secret I like to do Sudoku. I don’t care about the timing or anything like that. And the Chronicle publishes one every day. In varying levels of difficulty. Beginning of the week is usually one star (easy) and by Friday there are five stars (highest level of difficulty) On Sunday there are two puzzles. Usually one is ~ * and the other is ~ *****. Last Sunday I solved the easy one in about 10 minutes. STILL working on the other. Haven’t put a SINGLE NUMBER in. hehehehehe. I’m stumped. And I hate to be wrong...


The Saturn Express

The front passenger side door on my car has decided that it doesn’t need to be locked. Been a few times when I knew I locked the door, only to find it unlocked later. Like the next morning. (?!?) This perplexed me. One day last week I was cleaning out the car. Finishing the front seat I locked the passenger side door and finished up with the back seat and trunk. Looked into the front seat and damn if the door wasn’t unlocked. All in under 15 minutes. So I sat in the drivers seat locked the damned door. I watched in amazement as the lever slowly moved to the unlocked position. WTF?! Something clearly has sprung or come unsprung. I wedged a folded piece of paper in there so it holds the lock shut. Jeepers!

I got into a hurry the other day and left the drivers side window down in the parking garage. ALL NIGHT. I came out the next morning and realized what a stupid move that was. Nothing was missing. But I suppose why would some one look inside a 12 year old Saturn with the window down. *grins*

Lucky I am, sometimes.
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