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Still dealing with the inhouse applications for a job. Not so much the applications themselves, but the one question that has to be answered. It is a woolybooger:

What is the reason you are applying for this position?

And of course the answer cannot be ‘My job is going away and I need another one.’ They have to be tailored to the actual job, This requires some (a lot of) thought. Why is my skill set appropriate for this? what do ”I“ bring to the table that would put me ahead (hopefully) of the curve?

Since I haven’t really had to do this in 30+ years it tends to give me headache! *grins*

Many of the postings close on the 28th...

Looks like I am probably gonna have a busy, but not so much fun Saturday, because I think I can only punch out another one of these today. That will be four out of the six I’m allowed in this batch. Of course anything outside the batches is still fair game. But folks, there ain’t that much out there.


One of the folks that had a job available in New Orleans told me not to bother. They have no relocation fund. I was okay with that. After discussing the requirements with him, I realized I had about half of the knowledge required. Got the technical piece, but the knowledge of actual production equipment required is something I lack. That alone would have knocked me out of it. As I said I am okay with that. Glad the guy took the time to talk to me about it.

The other manager on the other hand, told me he would consider a Houston employee if the employee had the understanding that the job would be wholly based in New Orleans. Not sure I really have a shot at this one either.

These are both jobs in the E&P arena. I’ve been out of that area for quite some time. Plus New Orleans (!) Seems quite far from those I know and love. Closer to my family in Florida. But let’s be honest here, I don’t have that much contact with them anyway. Would I if I lived 6 hours closer? Dunno.

Trouble is, in the current ruleset for this activity, if you apply and one of these folks offers you a job, In all practicality, you HAVE to take it.

I need to think long and hard before I put in an app that will take me away from (what I consider to be) my home base. Sheesh. So I’ll sleep on this one tonight I think.

The job in Washington State? Well I took a hard look at that one too, and I’m missing some things for it as well. None of it is anything that would be impossible for me to learn, but the wording makes it sound like they want someone in possession of the skills NOW. I’ve talked myself out of this one. *grins* Besides this is an IT job. As I have said, I’m gonna try to get out of IT.


I did talk to one of the other managers for a different job today. I wanted to ask about the education requirement. In the listing a BS is required. Now the other kind of BS I can do. But a degree? I don’t have. I kind of explained why I thought I would be good for this one. She was very noncommittal *DUH!* but did encourage me to apply as I do have something that would make the transition easier. FOR ME. And it’s out of IT. Gonna get this one out tonight before I log off. Then I’ll log back in in the AM and knock a couple more out. If I can find something suitable.

This is hard enough to do in house, I really cannot imagine what it would be like to have to look outside the doors and windows of The Big Clam! Yes, I am spoiled. Or at least a part of the unique corporate culture that we have here.



Y’all be good to one another, okay?
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