TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Oh For Christ's Sake!

I was just out in the front yard, doin' what I need to give up (this year!) and I saw a couple of night-time walkers, walking in the street. Yeah, Yeah at least they were out doing SOMETHING healthy! Unlike me!

But these two ladies were both wearing dark, DARK clothes.

Now my street is one of those that runs through the subdivision from one main drag to another. And people in their cars SCREAM up this street. If you have to walk in the street, and I can understand this, the sidewalks are uneven in a lot of places...

You should at least exercise the common sense God (supposedly) gave you and

wear light colored clothing

So these speeding fools can SEE you!

This public service announcment brought to you free of charge by TexasT's...We now return you to your regularly scheduled Interwebs!
Tags: life liberty and the pursuit of happines, psa, stupid shit!
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