TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

I Am Probably...

Just gonna sit here and Veg out...

This post is pursuant to the last one I made from my patio with my mobile.

Managed to get a shower and the laundry finished. And I’ve set all my analog clocks to the correct time. (I did the digital thing this morning before I went to bed. Most of the digital stuff I have in here sets itself. **laughs**) They are all up high enough it takes at least a step-ladder...

That’s about it.

But no bills paid. And no groceries bought. Hell, I haven’t even bothered with a list.


Contemplating taking tomorrow off too. I’m a little perturbed with work at the moment. And I need to think about what my next action will be.

I *might* venture out for dinner. Then again, that will depend on how many beers (or something along those lines..*grins*) I have consumed between now and the time I get hungry.
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