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Wasn't That a MIghty Wind?

The wind was really howling last night. Howling through the concrete canyon I call home. (still is as a matter of fact) When I went to bed this morning, One of he palm trees by the pool had gone over, there was pool furniture in the pool. Other pieces were blown (just) away. Looks like they will need to replace more than the palm, though.

One of my neighbors in the tower that actually has a verandah, just had a one of those canopy things built on her patio. The thing is about 10 feet on a side. It looks pretty mangled as well. Lucky it didn’t blow over the side. Literally just put it up on Friday. It looks like it will take off at any moment. I don’t think it is tied to anything. Could be quite dangerous actually.

Southeast Texas weather, gotta love it in the spring time. In the 70’s one day and the 40’s the next.


The apartment was a balmy 63 degrees when I woke up this morning. ! ! In the 40’s outside. Glad I didn’t put away my winter coat. Intuition or coincidence? Haven’t decided.


I discovered that Fry’s sells X10 equipment. X10 is (from smarthome.com):

"X10 is a communications "language" that allows compatible products to talk to each other using the existing electrical wiring in the home. Most X10 compatible products are very affordable and the fact that they talk over existing wires in your home means that no costly rewiring is necessary. Installation is simple, a transmitter plugs (or wires) in at one location in the home and sends its control signal (on, off, dim, bright, etc.) to a receiver which plugs (or wires) into another location in the home. "

I didn’t even realize any one even made X10 devices any more. Right now I use X10 to control the lights in the apartment.

I needed a couple of wireless transmitters for controllers, so this is good.

Also picked up one of these Harmony remotes. Harmony One Advanced Remote. Left it plugged into the computer all night. Doesn’t charge the battery while connected. So it’s dead this morning.

I’ll be going back to Frys today though. Bought some Sony DTS headphones only to discover they will not work with either of my systems. To get the full effect one must have a toslink out on one’s stereo. Guess they make those on some equipment. Just not mine. Oh well, that’s money saved by golly...


Got plenty to do today - Time I got started...
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