TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Living in the Land of Plenty

Sometimes we forget just how good we have it here in the first world.

Got a reminder yesterday evening when I was doing some grocery shopping. I had stopped at a small market on the way home from somewhere. I was wandering the aisles slowly filling up my cart. I came across a couple from somewhere in the Caribbean a few times. They were clearly baffled by how much ‘Stuff” was available for purchase.

Even the different kinds of tea, YES TEA, had them confused. I helped them out a couple of times in various ailes. They had a young daughter that was just NUTS with them. Mama had to keep putting stuff back on the shelf that the kid with stars in her eyes kept putting into the cart. It was junk food and candy mostly.

They cracked me up.

Along a different line I also ran across a elder Jewish woman speaking Yiddish without pause loudly into her cell phone. I think she was on it when she entered the store and was STILL on it when she left right ahead of me. Yeeeeesh.

She didn’t crack me up.

Gotta get back after whatever the hell it was I was doing when I decided to stop and make this post.

One more thing, the woman who had put up the canopy on her patio Friday before the Big Wind? The thing was completely and utterly destroyed the last time I saw it this morning. Looked more like a frickin’ pretzel than a shade canopy to me.

It’s gone as of this red hot moment. I don’t understand why she didn’t try to lash it down or something...
Tags: 42, random scenes from my life
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