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I Haven't Posted in 3 *THREE!* days...

Must be something wrong with me. Anyways...

Well that’s a day I’ll never get back! Called a friend Tuesday to see about going out for wingz and beahs on Wednesday night. So we did that thing.

I guess I had not had enough to eat Wednesday and too much to drink Wednesday night. Because Thursday morning my head was bangin’ and my body felt like refried shit. I couldn’t face a day at work, even from home. So I took the day off. Me. Due to drinking. Me... That never happens. No in the last 15 or so years anyway.

Because I don’t usually drink enough to feel like shit the next day. But I guess I was slammin’ some down that night.


Best watch that shit, T’s!!


I went shopping for light blocking drapes today. FINALLY.

Found a pair at BB&B that were not only acceptable, but long enough as well. Also went ahead and ordered two more panels for delivery.

The folks there that placed my online order for the other two, knocked the shipping off. Not a bad deal considering the damned things are $60.00 / panel. The two I had in my cart were knocked down to 40 and 50. Guy said they were an Internet return. Why they were different prices I don’t know. But I just got a look at my receipt and the cashier charged me full price for the two panels I had in my cart. I’ll be going back there tomorrow, dammit.

But I’ve put the two panels I do have up in the bedroom already. OMG! What a difference they make. Already MUCH darker in there. I think once I get the other two panels it will be nearly pitch black. See if that makes an improvement in the quality of my sleep.


All I got folks

Been busy lately. Been reading and not writing. Commenting some. But not a lot.

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