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Went to Brunch with The Offspring and cadona this morning. After that we went for coffee, then went our separate ways. I parked the car, gathered my stuff, locked the door and closed it.

And discovered ~ I had NO KEYS. Locked in the car. Dammit!

Go to the office, have them give me a key and trudge up to the apartment. I used to have a spare key to the Saturn Express. But I had no luck finding it today. Thought maybe I might be able to pop the lock with a coat hanger. If I had a wire one at home. Looked in the closet ~ No luck ~ I’ve replaced them all with plastic or wood. Looked in the nook where the water heater/washer/dryer are. YES!

Make myself a nice hook and go back out to the garage. I didn’t want to have to call a towing service or locksmith. Expensive...

I had no luck trying the driver’s or passenger side doors. Blargl! I was about to give up when I noticed I (or someone) had left the rear right side door window open, just a crack. Fished around with the hanger until I managed to hook the door lock. These are not sitting on the top of the door but integrated into the handle. Gave it a slow steady tug. Annnnnnnnnnnnnd it slipped off.

Tried again, after a fair bit of fiddling around with it (about 10 minutes worth) I managed to hook the lock again and pull.

*Click* I was in! In like Flint! Reached over and popped the lock on the driver’s door and walked around he car and the keys had fallen between the door and the seat. Dunno how I managed that one.

I got lucky today... And yanno? I left that window cracked too. Although I’m not sure I could do that crap again.
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