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Being about HR Follies and The Clutch Football League...

A bit of bitching and a bit of fun!


For Chrissakes!

Trying to get anything in writing from HR is like pulling teeth with a pair of needle nose pliers.

Wanted some answers to some questions I have about the severance package. Wench sent me a bunch of links.

        “Read these and then schedule some time with me.”

Fuck! Didn’t answer a single one of my questions... Slogging through the documents today.

Spent yesterday trying to formulate some kind of strategy for what’s in our internal job listings. Not much out there in the US for my jobgrade and experience. I may have to think about re-location after all.

A Co-worker suggested trying to get an ex-pat job in Kazakhstan. *grins* Jeebus it’s cold there. Haven’t looked at those yet.

Cagey bunch of people those HR folks are. And don’t kid yourself. I know I don’t. They are there for the Company - Not the employee...


And Clutch Football League

Managed to get involved with the Clutch Football League. I think Hooters is somehow sponsoring this. It’s basically a turn based card game that reminds me of UNO. Met the inventor of the game last night. And Joe Theismann is the league commissioner.

Each player is dealt 16 cards. You elect to put 5 away, I call it on the bench. So you are left holding 11 cards.

Each time you put a card down you pick one up from the deck. Your first game you go through the deck once. If you advance to the next level, the next game you go through the deck twice. Your bench cards are used during time outs. You can exchange any or all for the ones in your hand at that time.

If you are on offense you throw down a card, Screen pass, end-run, etc. and your opponent tries to counter with a card from his hand. If they cannot counter, you move up the field based on the yardage on the card you threw down. If they counter you are set back a down.

Pretty simple, really.

It’s free. And you can make money after you have so many victories and are eligible for the Pro draft, and if you are picked for a team. *heh*. Like to talk to the inventor about their business model. How do they make money, etc if it’s “free”. He cannot be doing this for fun. Well, actually he probably could. He’s retired military.

        Always suspicious of “free” and making money. Can’t help myself.

Got started between 8:00 and 9:00. Played two games last night. Won them both. The first one was really for fun (and learning the game) as I was playing against friend KD. Managed to kick his ass. *grins* By the time I finished the second game it was 11:00. And I was worn out.

The second one I played some fella who had played a bit more than me. Found I really wanted to win. Must have been all the testosterone in that place. *grins*

I won in the last “two minutes” of the game. The 2 minute warning comes when there are 14 or 16 cards (can’t remember) left in the deck.

I had been well ahead in the first half by at least 2 TD’s and this guy started really walloping me in the second. And pulled ahead by at least 10 points. A couple of field goals put me back in the game. Or at least within reach of victory.

His last drive had (eventually) put him on my 5 yard line. First and goal. Was able to block that with a fumble card. Marched it back down the field 5-10 yards at a time, with a setback or two. Once I managed to get over the 50 yard line, I knew I had it. My strategy for that was to march it down the field to his 45 yard line and then after the 2 minute warning...

Threw down a Hail mary pass card. Guy could not counter it as I had the defense card (there is only one of each in the deck) that would block it as well. TOUCHDOWN! A hail mary card can only be used after the 2 minute warning. He conceded after that.

But jeebus! Between the food, beer and eyes popping out of your head from the scenery, they use models (!!) as coaches and facilitators, (had this cutie as the coach / facilitator at my table. Don’t think I have ever been that close to a Playboy model. At least that I know of. *grins* Nice young lady. Very personable and touchy feelie.) Hooters will be the death of me. Last night though, I had a cobb salad and was drinking Heineken Light. And a couple glasses of water. It really helped.

So if I go tonight I will have been in a Hooters more often in the last week that I have been in the last YEAR or two. I’m not really a Hooters type of guy.


Once in a Blue Moon

The night before though, Blue Moon and fried foods really kicked my ass
. And that was when we were approached by my new model friend *heh* to join in on the league and play. We didn’t play that night, I was kinda out of it by that time. But we both decided (egged on by Cheryl) to give it a shot last night. It was fun...

But... Woke up yesterday morning feeling like a stale beer. I both ate and drank too much. Not really hungover, but not 100% either. Shower and caffeine definitely helped. *grins*

After the day I had I kind of felt like I deserved a night out and so did my friend and co-conspirator, KD. This is the same guy that picked me up from work after my “meeting” on Tuesday.

I don’t overindulge very often, so not feeling too bad about it. Other than I cannot take the hangover (I hate a wasted day because I feel like shit!) any more, so this is the reason I usually don’t.
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