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Florida housing sex offenders under bridge

From an article on CNN:

MIAMI, Florida
(CNN) -- The sparkling blue waters off Miami's Julia Tuttle Causeway look as if they were taken from a postcard. But the causeway's only inhabitants see little paradise in their surroundings.

Five men -- all registered sex offenders convicted of abusing children -- live along the causeway because there is a housing shortage for Miami's least welcome residents.

"I got nowhere I can go!" says sex offender Rene Matamoros, who lives with his dog on the shore where Biscayne Bay meets the causeway.

The Florida Department of Corrections says there are fewer and fewer places in Miami-Dade County where sex offenders can live because the county has some of the strongest restrictions against this kind of criminal in the country.

Florida's solution: house the convicted felons under a bridge that forms one part of the causeway.

The Julia Tuttle Causeway, which links Miami to Miami Beach, offers no running water, no electricity and little protection from nasty weather. It's not an ideal solution, Department of Corrections Officials told CNN, but at least the state knows where the sex offenders are.

Nearly every day a state probation officer makes a predawn visit to the causeway. Those visits are part of the terms of the offenders' probation which mandates that they occupy a residence from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

But what if a sex offender can't find a place to live?

See the full article here

A TexasT's Editiorial:

Yeah well, fuck 'em. Fuck around with kids, you are lucky to be alive. These predators should have thought of the consequences of their actions before they did whatever it was they were convicted of. 

Did you think of anyone except yourself when you attacked the children that you did? How badly have you screwed them up? Likely they will be warped - FOREVER! And you want me to worry that you have no place to live? Fuck OFF!

I have no compassion at all, for these misfits. Did you really expect to be able to live a normal life after what you've done? I don't give a rat's ass that you've done your time...Whatever time you've served, I guarantee you, IT WASN"T ENOUGH!

I consider myself to be a compassionate man. I can forgive a lot of things, but preying on the helpless is one of the things I simply cannot or will not forgive. 


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