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Notes, Links and Some Random Thoughts...


Had a nice leisurely breakfast with the kiddo at Lola’s...

Then worked 2 extra hours this afternoon to make up for it.

A guy has gotta do what a guy has to do...


Flick and a Forecast?

Whoa! The Avengers on The Weather Channel. I had no idea TWC showed movies. Slow weather week or what? *grins*

Of course that ludicrous excuse for a movie does have a weather theme. With Sean Connery as a Mad Scientist. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Just happened to be going through.


Considering making the move to DSLR? How’s about a little NIKON D40 action?

Nikon D40 Review via digital-photography-school.com.

My opinion (as if it matters *grins*)... Good camera for someone starting with DSLR.


Goldman Sachs: Yer Goin’ Down!!

10 Things You Don’t Know (or were misinformed) About the Goldman Sachs Case via The Big Picture

This interests me.


On the History Channel

The Hillbillies narrated by Billy Ray Cyrus...

Have you heard him talk? Small wonder he’s the narrator.


Young Mad Scientist Building Blocks via BoingBoing

I may have to have a set of these. Yeah I know. I’m not young. I’m not a scientist. Mad though? MWA-HAHA! HAHAHA!

Available from the BoingBoing Bazaar.


A Handmade Hobbit Hole... Beautiful! I picked this up via SciFiWire

My hand made Hobbit Hole - Bagend from Lord of the Rings by Maddie Chambers

Now this is a fine piece of work. Lord of the Rings fans, check it out!

And here is How I Made The Hobbit Hole


You Know It’s Bad For You!

It astounds me. Folks laying out in the sun. One of the worst things you can do for your skin. The pool around here has a plethora of folks that lay around the pool. I just can’t do it. I don’t mind being out in the sun sometimes, but to just lay around? No. Not because it’s bad for you... I just can’t sit still that long.

Any more when I am out for any length of time I gravitate towards the shade anyway. Get just as much Vitamin D in indirect sunshine as in direct, I think.

Still get a pretty bad burn in the shade too. One of the worst sunburns I ever got was during a trip to the beach on Mother’s Day. It was a cold (Yes, COLD! - In SE Texas), cloudy day and we spent a long time on the beach. By the time we got back to town I had started to blister. My legs and arms were burned so bad I couldn’t even put a pair of pants or a shirt with sleeves on. I missed two days of work! That was pretty frickin’ awful.

No thanks....
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