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“You don’t do Good Ol’ Boy, T.”

And it’s true. I don’t. I never have. No matter what I sound like, I’ll never be a good ol’ boy. I might sound like one. But I ain’t. *grins* I’ll never be in that particular club.

Quote is from a friend at work I talked to today. I might sound like a redneck (or country boy) sometimes, but I’m not. (and that gets more pronounced the more I have to drink. *grins*) I never aspired to be one either. *heh*

I lived in Suburban or bedroom communities. I’ve lived out in the country. But I would rather have lived closer into town. I can DO country. But my preference is... Pretty happy with the location I find myself in now. But hell, if I could I’d move even closer in to downtown. Or a heluva at lot further out of town.

But my choice of area in which to reside is not what this is about.

“You Wanna Go Full Circle?”

Well. No. But maybe half of one. *grin* Now what the hell does that mean?

Few folks know that before I got into IT in a big way, I was a buyer. No. Not a consumer (although I am one of those as well) A procurement agent. A contract Buyer. And I was a good one too. My average annual cost avoidance was usually over $6 mln a year. Did lots of things for The Big Clam before that. Good at them too...

I called said friend because there is a job posting at a location we both worked at in the past.

And that quote above was an answer to, “Do I know the posting manager?”

So where am I going with this line of thought?

We talked about a possible Buyer’s position at the same location.

He tells me that the folks in charge of Procurement were doing a reduction in staff *Fucking DUH!* They offered the current holder of said Buyer’s position an involuntary severance. She accepted and also opted to retire. The site folks are up in arms because they are going to lose their Purchasing Rep at the end of June. So they are sort of casting about for a replacement.

They have asked said friend to look into a replacement. There’s no job posting yet... But he thinks one is coming shortly.

What’s the job? Well... The woman leaving took over my procurement duties when I rolled over to IT Support to support their SAP system. In 1996-97.

There’s something ironic about all of this. It would be a semblance of my last job that was actually in the business...

I ain’t got a lock on this, but I could do the job. No doubt about that. Now if they’ll just write the damned posting...

And we both kinda decided that the job posting I initially called him to talk about just wasn’t for me.
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