TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Make Mine a Heineken, Alstublieft!

Had my first Dutch lesson this week. It was two hours over lunch, with about twelve co-workers, including the manager I work for.

This will not be an easy class...Dutch is a hard language to learn.

But I knew that already, having spent countless hours with dutch folk, including a three and a half week tour a few years ago in Rotterdam for a system "Go Live". Listening to folks speak dutch has given me a headache more than once.

Best moment in class? The instructor, a little dutch lady named Sandra (phonetically Saundrrra in dutch) was saying that this was a sentence you could try in a restaurant, if you wanted to impress. Sorry but I cannot remember what it was and I left my notes at work.

Anyway, this dutch tongue trwister came out of her mouth and we were all supposed to try to say it without murdering the pronunciation. Before anyone could though, I piped up with, "Oh no you don't. If you say that in a restaurant, they will start speaking dutch so fast at you, you won't be able to ever leave because your head will spin off trying to translate what was said!"

I've never seen my manager (or any) spew Coke out of her nose before...She did then, though. She laughed so hard she made me go sit on the other side of the room. Didn't help though. Every time she looked in my direction, she burst out laughing...

We all still murdered the pronunciation of the sentence, too...

It was a good meeting...

A good time was had by all...And we all learned something. And my Manager was still chuckling later when she saw me in the hall later that day.

I just hope they let me back in the class next Thursday!

Dank je wel!

Wish I had brought those notes home though. I wanted to study!

BTW Alstublieft is actually three dutch words strung together. Which I understand is done alot in the Netherlands.

Literally translated it is, "If you please!"
Tags: life, work
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