TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Oh Hallo!

Got to bed around three this morning. Sent a note to my local team mates at work telling them I wouldn’t be in today. Look at the time stamp people!

Was awakened by a series of text messages. Really must learn to leave the phone in the other room on nights (or mornings) like this. In this case however, it was OK. Reason will be pretty apparent in a sec.

So. Got out of bed. Frowned at the pinging phone and went to the kitchen to make coffee. Was mostly finished with that task and looked through the windows above the patio door. There was a window washing platform coming down from above.

They are prepping to paint my building and are pressure washing the building exteriors.

Did I mention I was nekkid? Yes. Prepping the coffee maker naked. *grins* Because coffee made when one is naked is the best!

I ducked behind the counter until they were out of sight and dashed to the bedroom to find some clothes. Opened the patio door and said, “Hello” Asked them to wait a minute and went down the hall to get my four wheeler. Guy helped me load it up too. All this before coffee and a smoke!

So now most of the contents from my patio are deposited in my living room. *grins*

Not going to the beach... Have plenty to do around here.

Starting with another half pot of coffee. I’ll keep my clothes on for this one *grins*

Perhaps another episode of Dr. Who.

Hope you all have a great day! My weekend starts NOW!
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