TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Take Oprah's "No Phone Pledge"

This is really important folks!

Cell phone use while driving is being compared to Driving Drunk. And with good reason. You already know the pratfalls. You know you shouldn’t phone or text while driving.

With all the distractions we all have it is hard enough to keep your senses on high alert as it is.

Take the pledge. Take it to heart. The lives that are saved could be your own. Or those of your loved ones.

Pledge can be found here.

I pledge to make my car a No Phone Zone. Beginning right now, I will do my part to help put an end to distracted driving by committing to drive as responsibly as I can:

Choose one:
        ❑        I will not text while I am driving

        ❑        I will not text while driving and will use only handsfree calling if I need to speak on the phone while I am driving.

        ❑        *I will not text or use my phone while I am driving. If I need to use my phone, I will pull over to a secure location.

* Studies show it's safest not to use your phone at all when you're driving.
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