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Oops! Wasted Day!

And I wasn’t even hung over. Because we know, I don’t do that kind of shit any more...(Nor any less either!)

Slept in until 11:00 AM. Holy crap! Damn you Torchwood! My own fault. Fell asleep after dinner (!) and then couldn’t get back to sleep after I woke up and went to bed. Must have been tired. I did have a ringer of a day Friday.


Got back up and finished “Torchwood: Children of the Earth” Great story, but shit. I want to kick Russell Davies in the crotch!

No one left but Gwen? Jack just bails from earth altogether. Can’t say as I blame him. Sacrificed a grand child to save the earth.

Torchwood lies in ruins. The people that write this stuff are seriously warped. Madness!

They’d be hard pressed to pull another season out of that, yanno?


Finally did go to bed and fall out. At FIVE AM...*ahem*

Up at 11:00 and just lazed about mostly. Still need to do the most of the stuff I posted about yesterday. Not likely to happen today.

Had a bunch of tortilla chips and hot salsa and a glass of milk for breakfast / lunch. Nutritious. Mmmmmmmm.

Thinking I’ll order in Chinese tonight and just hermit it out. Then breakfast, hardware store and groceries in the morning. Clean the apartment somewhere in there as well.


Had a thought about work yesterday. Both of us in the US are on the same schedule. I mean, we’re both off on the same Friday. I am disinclined to change my schedule for a job that is going to last less than two months.

Thinking maybe we’ll just have to monitor for emergency or urgent stuff and let the rest go.


Yup... Chinese. Or pizza if I can’t find a menu for chinese.

Jeebus. What a wasted day...

Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.
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