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Good Stuff!

Nothing like you lot to help a guy out when he’s feeling a little lost! Thanks bunch’s!



Took Wednesday off. Had things to do. Right? Like I never have nothing to do!

Had some shopping to take care of.

And then LUNCH at Baba Yega! A nice little eclectic place. Try the potato salad...With eats_veggies and her husband, Marcel! They came to town to take care of some business. Great to see y’all! And I am coming to Corpus! Sooner rather than later, I hope!

These two compliment each other perfectly. Couple of times I teased them, telling them they, “needed to get a room!”


In order of appearance l to r: Marcel, eats_veggies and yours truly!

Marcel owns a restaurant in Corpus Christi So I felt I had to make sure I got the restaurant thing right. Turns out I needn’t have worried over much about that. Dorie wanted “not a chain” and “eclectic” We got those in spades in Houston, darlin’!

After that I had a little more shopping to do... Because it was The Offspring’s BIRTHDAY! Baby girl turned 26!

The restaurant she wanted to go to was t’afia. Little place in mid-town or fourth ward. A good time was had by all! In attendance: The Offspring, alleycat2681(who’s birthday is the 16th!), The Offspring’s Mom, cadona, and yours truly!


alleycat2681 and The Offspring

It was nice. But loud! That metal industrial decor does nothing to dampen sound. Noise level was better the later it got. Drinks were pretty good. I had a couple of bloodless mary martinis.
Recipe : absolut peppar, celery-infused vermouth, grateful bread’s artisan worchestershire

9 bucks a pop seems a bit excessive... Live and learn.

I may have to look into a martini recipe and go buy the ingredients. Just for a change. Never really had a regular one... It might be fun! Shaken - Not stirred, of course! Try something new, what?!

Food was great! Presented well. But expensive. This is a place that prides itself on using local foods when possible. Who knew local food was so expensive! I had a 5 course meal (the tasting menu) that was on the menu. Everyone else did the ala carte thing. We all shared. It was all good. Very good.

But best to be prepared for sticker shock! *grins*

I’m no restaurant critic. So here are a few reviews. They are of course, mixed...

I guess restaurants of this type are all about the presentation... Go for Happy hour. Free food with your expensive drinks.

A pretty good day by all accounts.



Work was murderous again yesterday - Worked on ONE issue that was handed to me by the helpdesk, the day before yesterday. Finally figured it out but only because one of the customers was a great help in that direction. Really had her shit together and knew what she was talking about. I hate Bolt-on systems. The vendor always says it is on YOUR side of the interface. Of course this time it was.

Without the customers help it would have taken a week or so to figure out. Good thing too. These guys had been farting about with this for 2 months. Happy customers still make for a happy TexasT’s!

Did not get a chance to run through the Company job postings site at all. I had a terrible headache by the end of business...

Jeez. One day I’m gonna learn to say “NO!” I really should not be taking any new issues on at all. Unless of course, they MAKE me!




And my day of as well. The thing is that the two of us that are left on the team in the USA are BOTH off today. And we decided that the Asian Overlord should have figured this out and asked one of us to switch. Since they decided to sever us both, we are pretty much deciding that he can go screw himself if he doesn’t ask us to do something. And since his highness made me switch from my Mondays I had off to Fridays, simply because it was different, that goes DOUBLE for me!...

I may log on later (or at some point this weekend) to see if I can look at some job postings (time is getting shorter and shorter) but that will be about it!

Besides I’ve got doctor’s appointments today (which I need to get ready for soon) One is a check in with the urologist. I frickin’ hate these (necessary) check ins. And the other is with the regular doctor for these red splotchy areas I’ve got on my legs. They don’t hurt or anything but they sure do look funky! And they seem to be multiplying(!).

I hope having the appointments 2 hours apart is enough.

Also like to buy a new swimsuit at some point today. The old one I’ve got is...well. old. It must go.

Time to quit screwing around and get after it!
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