TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

What's Wrong With this Picture?

They’ve been painting the exterior of my apartment complex. painters or their tools and scaffolding and such, have mushed plants, splattered and spattered paint, broken pool furniture.

And the painters have scared some girls off from the pool leering at them. Teens they were I believe. It was painfully obvious what was going on. Be glad when these goobers are out of the courtyard here.

Some of the 20 - somethings told them where to go though. Gave ‘em what for. “What the fuck you lookin’ at, asshole?” Gotta love American girls!

I’m liking the new color scheme. Somewhere along the line, the Orange they were going to do got 86’d.


What’s wrong with this picture?



Looks like they’ve already moved on. The window washing rig was moved around the corner.
Tags: 42, apartment life
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