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Simple Things and Other Stuff

I Need to Go More Often

Went to the grocery store yesterday afternoon. Bill was a whopping $175.00!! *!!!!!*

Ok I admit it has been a while. A long while since my last real shopping trip to da sto’.

And I bought some luxury items. Like toilet bowl cleaner and dishwashing soap. And a gallon of white vinegar to clean the coffee maker with. Heh.

I was looking through the spices aisle, I needed some black pepper. I think the stuff I have now is old. Most of the spices I have are old and should probably be chucked anyway. But my black pepper (which was immediately on my mind) just wasn’t black peppery enough.

**Does pepper go stale?**

Anyway in looking through the spices I found “Cinnamon Sugar” I’ve got fond memories of this stuff being on hot buttered toast. So ummm. Yeah. Into the cart.

Had some toast for breakfast. And yep! It’s still yummy!

And so simple.


Pool Time

Dinner by the pool last night. Good and bad. I needed to get down there a little earlier. By the time I was done cooking my steak it was frickin’ DARK!

Discovered that the dang gas grill they have installed down there several months ago has got NO GAS. WTF?!?! People have been using charcoal in it. Again WTF!?!

Presume it is in the plan to get the gas hooked up sometime... Glad I won’t be the one having to clean that sucker when they do. Probably ruined already.

Made a trip back upstairs and got MY grill. While I was prepping everything one of the kids (in his 20’s) rolled up in his wheelchair. Found out a little more about him.

One of the other folks tell me his dad was gruesomely murdered in front of him and he was himself stabbed multiple times and left for dead. Nice. I hope they caught the fuckers.

Seems to be a good kid. Drinks too much. Heh. But at that age (early 20’s), who doesn’t? I know I did.


Overcooked my steak *sigh* Need to re-estimate my time estimates. It was still good. Had macaroni salad to go with. And applesauce. (forgot I had that in the fridge!) Yeah! And man! Our other pool is frickin’ cold yet! Had a nice float anyways. Looking up at the moon is pretty cool stuff. Aside from all that shivering business. *grins*

Had my little battery powered speakers for my iPod. A few beers and music. Very nice. Very.

Think maybe I’ll go down at lunch today for a little sunny swim time.


WHAT!?! Again?

Reconfiguring the bookshelves in the living room. Little by little. Have a bunch of stuff I don’t really need on them. Can you spell VHS tapes? Have six of those nice coated boxes from IKEA full of them. I don’t even have a VCR hooked up! *laughs* Yeah. I’ll find storage for them elsewhere.

Also gonna have a nice, hard look at my books before I put them back on the shelves. You know it’s time for that, “Will I ever read this book again?” conversation everyone should have from time to time.

The DVD’s and CD’s can stay. FOR NOW. Still need to get with Herself and split those up. Not sure how that’s gonna happen since she has refused all contact lately. **laughs** Another thing I’m not gonna worry about.

Audio Visual Stuff

Reduced my electronics consumption by one amplifier and set of speakers. Finally figured out how to make iTunes play nice with my Surround/DVD/CD/RADIO thingie (That’s a technical term). I was short one connection. *grins*

And it sounds great!

And I finally gave up and put the sub-woofer away. If I don’t see it, it won’t piss me off that I cannot really use it to it’s best advantage. Outta sight, outta mind, eh? Also gave up the speakers that came with the infernal thing. Replaced them with my Bose speakers, front and back. With those I think I don’t really NEED a subwoofer. *grins*


Oh! And it’s nice to see some of you folks recovering from your forays into Facebook. Looking at you, Betty! Nice to have you back.


Got a couple of work issues to work on. And of course the (internal as yet) job search goes on. And I need to call the benefits folks and see what my options are should I manage to NOT find a job...
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