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"Why A Spoon, Cousin?"

“Because it will hurt more!” My favorite Alan Rickman quote from a movie.

Seriously though. I bought some fresh Pico de gayo when I was at he grocery store the other day. I love the stuff. No really. I LOVE the stuff!

I stopped to eat some lunch a while ago. Made a sammich. And mixed a little pico and picante sauce to have with my tortilla chips. Imagine (if you will) my dismay when I discovered the tortilla chips I had left were (mostly) small shards. DANG!

So SPOON time! *grins*

When I eat hot and spicy foods these days it makes my scalp sweat. Just my scalp. So I’m sitting here on the couch and my hair is friggin’ soaked.

If I eat enough the sweat will run from under my scalp and down my neck or face. *laughs* I have no idea what this means, if anything.

But now at least my head and neck are nice and cool.

Tags: 42, foodstuffs, recipes, stuff i like
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