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As a treat I bought myself a copy of Red Dead Redemption. For Xbox. It’s quite like Grand Theft Auto. Only with six shooters, and horses. So far the best western I was ever in. Ummmm, okay. Only western I was ever in...Awesome!

Fell asleep on the couch last night. Right before Dr.Who...Awesome! It’s downloading now. Awesome!

Got laundry going. One load in the washer. And the one in the dryer has just stopped! Awesome!

Still need to clean the bathroom and give th bedroom a once over as well. Awesome!

And my dining table could use cleared (again...) too. Awesome!

Gonna be another scorcher here today! Awesome! Can’t wait for August...

Y’all have an AWESOME day!
Tags: 360, 42, apartment life, dr who, television, video games, xbox360
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