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Direct to DVD...

What the hell was I thinking?! *grins*

Traci Lords is in this. She’s younger than I am. Time has not been kind. Now I frickin’ feel old too.

Princess of Mars

After a devastating enemy ambush leaves soldier John Carter (Antonio Sabato Jr.) fighting for his life, he awakens to discover that the experimental treatment designed to save him has inexplicably transported him to Mars. On the red planet, Carter finds himself endowed with extraordinary powers -- and in the middle of a feud between warring alien races. Traci Lords also stars in this sci-fi adventure based on the novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Antonio Sabato Jr., Traci Lords, Matthew Lasky, Chacko Vadaketh, Noelle Perris
Mark Atkins
Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Sci-Fi Adventure, Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Alien Sci-Fi
This movie is:
DVD and streaming (HD available)

This isn’t even a “B” movie. It is now available on Netlix direct too. Campy? No way...Do yourself a favor... Don’t bother.

Based on the novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs... HAH! Not a frickin’ chance. Wotta POS.
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