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Sunday Crap.

Gave the bathroom a good scrub yesterday. The kitchen got it too. Finishing the laundry (I started late yesterday) today, stripped the bed, clean sheets , etc... Waiting on the last load in the dryer now. Thinking about a short dip and then a movie (got two here from netflix. And honestly not sure why I ordered one of them. It may be going back unwatched. The other is the kite runner) or some Red Dead Redemption.


While straightening up in the bedroom I came across an old (old?!) 8 GB iPod Touch. Not even sure how long it’s been in that drawer. *grins* Thought I gave it away or lost it. Put it on to sync. Man is the battery dead in this thing. Be interested to see if it will even hold a charge. It seems to be taking one.


If I do go down for a dip it will be a short one. Haven’t managed to get any sunscreen yet. Lately I’ve been preferring to swim early in the morning or late in the afternoon or evening. *shrugs*. Tends to be quieter down there at those times too.

I will have to get some though. Gotta make a trip to the drugstore in a day or so anyway.

Funny how we all used to use some sort of MAGNIFIER in years past. Amazes me how folks will still get out there and lay in the sun. Jeebus! Skin cancer anyone?


Red Dead Redemption was kicking my ass on this one thing. One of the missions I have to do is gather ingredients for an adhesive for this fella that wants to fling himself over a cliff on a hang glider.

11 Bird feathers - This was a cinch. Birds are every where in this game.
10 bunches of Red Sage - Little harder. It grows only in one section of the game. Easy enough to pick. Harder to find.
5 Beaver pelts - Sweet Jeebus! This is the one that is kicking my ass. There are beaver only in one area on the map away up north. Along this river. Right. Beaver like water. They are small and hard to hit. Not to mention not as common as say, elk. If you clear out predators first they seem to be a bit more plentiful. You can shoot them numerous times with a pistol or rifle, and the little fuckers refuse to die. So I broke out the shotgun. POW! First time every time.

At one point I had 4 of the 5 pelts I needed and then got nailed by a friggin’ Grizzly bear. After I respawned (miles from where I needed to be I might add) I went back and got nailed repeatedly. The damned bears kept sneaking up on me. Or Mountain lions. I finally did figure out the noise the bears make as they amble up behind me. Cougars are a little easier to detect, but they are fast as hell. Lost a lot of horses to these guys.

I did finally get my 5 furs. Needless to say, I now have a few grizzly bear furs as well as some cougar skins. And every time I see one of these monsters at this point, I kill em.

I delivered the parts to this scientist away down in Mexico. I’m waiting for him to assemble the parts. I just wanna see this guy launch himself of the cliff. After all the trouble I went to, to get him his ingredients, it’s the least he can do...

This has been a fun game. And I can play it to the exclusion of all else. Until yesterday and today, over the last week or so, I hadn’t seen the news, read a newspaper, watched television, or nearly ANYTHING ELSE! Just work and this damned game. *grins*

Damned bears and cats...
Tags: 42, apartment life
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