TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

How Does This Sound?

3 shots of vodka into a 32 ounce insulated mug filled with ice. Fill the remaining space in the mug with Cran-Grape.

I’ll tell you how it was... It was damned refreshing. That’s how it was. MMMmmm good.

Probably my new pool drink for the summer. Sub Cranberry juice if you want.

What else could I concoct?


Man! Am I glad I left the pool when I did, just a little while ago...

Damned things are full of kids now... I mean FULL! Yes. Both of them.

Stayed out longer than I meant to. But I had a nice spot in the shade. Definitely got some sun. Gonna scare up some dinner and make a trip to the drug store. I need sunscreen. And more crangrape. *grins* And maybe more vodka. *laughs*
Tags: 42, mixology
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