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So what are your plans for Memorial Day?

I’ll be spending it with friends at their house doin’ the BBQ thing. And drinking will be done I am sure. Good friends and a good time.

They’ve asked me to dog sit for them when they go to europe later on this summer. I am attempting to respectfully decline.


I don’t wanna dog sit for anyone. Or pet sit for that matter. Not. Even. A. Goddamn. FISH! I suppose if they cannot find some other sucker to do it for them then I will. Under duress. But I’ll do it.

These are the same folks I dog sat for last year (I think?) when they had to go out of town for a funeral.


I was parking the Saturn Express the other night after a night out. I set the parking brake as usual (It’s a standard) and there was a kind of *Bang!* Didn’t think much of it at the time. I was a little buzzed. When I went to meet phoenixisrisen for breakfast yesterday morning, I discovered the button on the emergency brake (or parking break if you will) was GONE! I lifted on the handle slightly and it released. But now I cannot set the damned brake.

I reckon that was the *BANG!* I heard. Found what was left of the button assembly. On the dashboard. It’s busted. Pretty much destroyed. Looks like it got fatigued in a critical place and just finally parted. God knows what happened to the tensioning spring in there.

Like to fix it. But HOW?! I cannot even see a way to get in there.

meh. Damned car. feh.
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