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Hi! I'm From Mars. My Car is From Saturn!

**sigh** Feels Like a Monday

Spilled a lukewarm cup of coffee all over myself and the couch this morning. Great. At least it wasn’t frickin’ boiling hot!


More Car Follies

Noticed while I was at the friends house yesterday that one of the plastic (decorative) lug nut (covers?) was askew on a front tire. Couldn’t get it the rest of the way off by hand though. Into the trunk I go to get the tire tool. However, in order to do this, I have to unharness the spare tire and remove it from the trunk as the tire tool is basically mounted under both the tire AND the Jack. - meh

Here’s the good part. The spare tire (one of those tiny 50 mile donuts) is completely and utterly destroyed. Looks like dry rot.

And the area where the spare is kept has a lot of dirt and other crap in it. I was all hot and sweaty and so was covered in the stuff up to my elbows by the time I got to the tire tool. *grins* Not something I want to do in someone’s drive way. Better there than on the road when I actually need the damned spare though.

Good job the cute Dutch girl I met there had already left. HAH! Thinner than I usually go for, but a nice lady all the same. I may be numb, but I ain’t dead.

Anyway, the actual lug nut on the tire was still intact and tight, so that’s good. Gotta get that spare situation rectified this week though. Ugh.


On Forced Retirement or Severance is a Bitch!

Got to get in touch with the financial planners today to prepare for the worst. I have a list of questions I need answered. Not a conversation I’ve been looking forward to.

Once I talk to them I’ll schedule an appointment to talk to the ever so helpful (NOT) HR folks


Hey Buddy ~ Can You Spare a Job?

Looking in the company’s Open Resourcing I see there isn’t much new at all. This is not gonna be an easy transition if I have to leave. Of course I don’t expect it to be.

Of course I never expected to be leaving before retirement either.


Work Like Worries

Got a text from my co-worker this morning at about quarter of three, saying she was really ill and was probably headed to the ER. I replied as soon as I picked it up around 6:30. Since then though, NOTHING. I’m more than a little concerned. A mutual friend hasn’t heard anything either.

She’s not handling the transition from Job to no Job, very well either.


Packing up the Past. For the Future.

Going to go into the office a couple of days this week and pack my office up. Because no matter what happens I likely won’t be staying in the same cube. *sigh*


Is That A Chlorine Tablet In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Spent so much time as a “Pool Lizard”, my hair is like straw. No matter how much conditioner I use, it seems to still be like straw.

I am maintaining a believe that already this spring, I’ve probably spent more (intentional) time in the sun than I have for the last two YEARS!


Serious Downtime

I’ve warned one of my sisters in Florida that if I don’t secure employment with the company, they can expect a visit from me in July. A LONG visit. Hey! I’ll buy groceries! **grins**

Barring that, maybe a longer road trip to somewhere up north. Hey Buffalo, NY! You reading this?

Or maybe Canada... Or BOTH!

Any one on my route (once there is one) is in danger of a visit from TexasT’s. You have ALL been warned.

I’m gonna need some sort of vacation.
No matter how this turns out. Might need to look into some sort of car rental. Or maybe a train trip. Had a good time on the last one of those I took to Chicago and back. (Even though the trip was for a funeral). I love travel by train.

If I secure a job within the company by the end of the month though, it will have to be a ROAD TRIP!!!

I don’t think there is a good train route to Florida from Texas though. Wasn’t the last time I checked. Of course it has been several years.

I find it is a serious pain in the ass to fly these days. And my arms get so tired. **Baaa-Dum-DUM!**


Gotta get after it. Later kids...
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