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Red Dead Redemption

Got a spare minute here, so...

Red Dead Redemption - Goin’ out in a Blaze of Glory... Great video.

If you are curious about what I’ve been raving about, or just curious about the game...

Some gameplay, some cut video. It’s all good

ETA: Last night I was playing along. I am pretty far along in the game. I managed to rope a second white stallion. Kinda hard to find. Hard to break. Hard to catch. This was the second one I managed to get. The first I had to give away in one of the missions.

One of the fastest horses in the game too. So I got him, broke him. Was riding him up by the ranch John Marsten owns looking for one of the buried treasures (another of the quests) and a damned cougar came up behind me and killed the damned horse! Took me an hour to find one. And it was dead within the hour after that.

Of course I smeared the cougar all over the damned road with a blast from a double barreled shotgun. But Da-y-um! I was a little perturbed to say the least.
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