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In by Ten. Out by Four!

Dunno why but I was pooped last night. Went to bed by 10:00 PM. Generally wake up after six (count them) SIX hours of sleep. So sure enough, the internal went off at 4:00. PING!

Might as well get up.



I am by nature (or was) a voracious reader. I used to read anything and everything. Lately though, not so much. Maybe I’m picking the wrong times to read.

Guess this has been going in cycles like my listening to music did for a while. When I don’t feel right, I don’t tend to read anything except magazines. Or listen to music.

I have however, been watching WAY to much TV.

So I slogged though a Theodore Sturgeon book of short stories I’ve had around for quite sometime. Can’t remember where it came from. Or if I had ever read it before. I know he is one of the “Deans of Science Fiction” but this thing couldn’t hold my interest for more than 10-15 minutes at a time.

The shorts in it were all written (or first published) between 1950 and 1971 and previously published in “Galaxy” or “If”. The book itself, “The Stars Are the Styx” was copyrighted in ’79. I’m sure I have read some other of Ted’s stuff, but these seemed to bore me nearly to tears. Or at least sleep. Out of the 10, only one or two seemed to hold my attention at all.

And I may have had it since 1980!

Took me a couple of weeks to get through 382 pages. I used to read this length of book for breakfast! Or lunch.

Sorry Ted!

I am trying to reduce my book “footprint” here. So if I cannot remember if I have read a book or why it is still with me, I am gonna read it now. If I like it and deem it worthy of bookshelf space it can stay. If not, OUT YOU GO!

This one is going.

Read a couple of others as well. We inherited a couple volumes of the Time Life series of the Civil War. We got them from Herself’s grandfather’s place after he died. Got three. I’ve read two. I think the 3rd one is just going to go. They are all right as reference books go, I think. But I don’t feel I need the reference thankyouverymuch! The first two are all ready gone.

Next up is “The Kite Runner” Reading this one just because I want to. It is staying.


My Girls

Supposed to have lunch with my girls today, The Offspring and allycat2681

Of course I am supposed to be working as well. Hmmph. Yeah well we’ll just see about that.


Work (Almost a mini rant)

Didn’t make it in to pack my office stuff this week, so I have to make a concerted effort to do so next week.

This is depressing me. The fact that I will likely no longer work for The Big Clam in a couple of weeks has got me running the gamut of emotions. Rage, depression, relief, resignation, acceptance. Not in that order necessarily. And sometimes all at once!

This is not the way I pictured myself leaving. I guess they expect me to slink off quietly into the sunset because I’m not retiring. Makes me well up half the time when I think about it. The other half of the time it pisses me off.

But I’ll take the money and run I guess. Or at least walk very swiftly.

Probably why I am having such a hard time packing it all up. You know, I’ve really been at odds with my job over the last couple of years anyway. I know this and it still doesn’t make it any easier to do or deal with.

They really made the system hard to support from a security standpoint. The damned design has un-necessary bullshit built right in.

I haven’t liked who I worked for, or the direction I’ve seen all of the IT org going. It just seems that they want to have nothing but leads or managers around and farm out the rest to 3rd party and (mostly) offshore contractors.

I never wanted to be a “lead” or a manager. So maybe my time really is up here. It may not really be this way, but the job postings I’m seeing, or NOT seeing seem to bear this out.

I know I seem to keep going on and on about this. And on. And on. And on. But I guess I still don’t really have my head wrapped around it.

And as they say, the evil that you know...

I hope it will help to pack all my stuff up into boxes. The awards and other crap that I’ve been given over the last few years? I think they can keep that shit. No real room in my life for it. Just glass and paper most of them. Maybe I’ll just drop them in a trash can. Except for maybe one or two.

Fuck it!


Thank God it’s Friday

Been a long 4 day week. Be glad to put this one to bed.


Wind and Rain

The rain we got last evening really seems to have cooled things down a bit. 73F outside now. And it almost feels like it too. Humid as hell though.

I hung a small set of wind chimes out on the patio this week. These used to hang on our bed in the house. **Heh heh**. Reckon they used to ring when we were doin’ it right.

Can’t hear ‘em from inside, but when I’m outside and there’s a breeze the tinkle very nicely. They make me feel happy. Another of my “Simple Things” I guess.

I like wind chimes. Always have. I have several larger sets out in the storage room in the hinterlands. One day I’ll get them out and hung again.
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