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Man, It is HOT!

Went out to get some breakfast and pickup some prescriptions.

Hot out there! Jeebus... Miserable. If I feel like this in June, what the hell am I gonna do about AUGUST!?!

Accuweather is saying 92F now . High of 95... Same for Sunday.

Was out on the patio a while ago. The usual Saturdays smells out there. Somebody’s got food on the barbie. Chlorine and coconut. And Broiling Flesh. Not that I mind the scenery...

I was thinking I’d go down to the pool for a while...

On second thought, I’ll wait a bit. Until the sun is over the building and there’s some shade. So laundry and dishes.

Make up one of my punchlike drinks before I go. Or maybe just a few beers and a bottle of water in the cooler...

Exciting single man life I lead, huh. Makes you really envious, doesn’t it?


Tags: 42, weather
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