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Got DVD's?

Got Sherlock Holmes, District 13 Ultimatum, and War of the Worlds today from Netflix. Figure I can’t go wrong with this set.

Don’t care what anyone says I like The War of the Worlds, with Tom Cruise. And District 13 Ultimatum is the sequel to this movie, District 13 which I really enjoyed. the Parkour action sequences were pretty amazing. Think that is still available via instant watch on Netflix. I may watch it again before I watch the sequel.

And Sherlock Holmes? Robert Downey, Jr. ~ ‘Nuff said.

I gotta start going to see movies in the theater again. Think I stopped around the time I moved into town.

Okaaaaaaaay. The drink I made before I went down to the pool is really making it hard to type. 32 ounce mug. 4 shots of Crystal Head vodka, ice balanced with cranberry juice. Need to rustle up some dinner...

Watching NatGeo, Monster Fish of the Mekong. Waiting for the latest Dr. Who ~ Amy’s Choice.

“But Occifer, I’m not as drunk as tinkle peep I am!. I only had ti Martoonis!”
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