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Yesterday Was

Somewhat difficult. To say the least. But mission accomplished. Mostly. Think I
have maybe two boxes left to pack up and I’ll take care of that tomorrow.

I was alternately crushed, enraged, complacent, accepting.


I Mean It!

Thanks to those of you that figured out a way to get through to me even though I had disabled comments. I appreciate you all. I MEAN IT!


I Need to do What?!

Through talking with some folks I found I may need to talk to HR again. I was told that you are only actually paid for vacation time that has accrued. Not your entitlement. If this is true, then I need to get to taking some vacation!

I’ll try to verify this with the documentation I have, and then talk to HR. If you want to stay on payroll long enough to use it, your managing department needs to agree. Not even sure the manager will agree, given my attitude lately, or the fact that the man barely speaks to me as it is. Plus I know he’s going over the pond next week for some big global IT Pow wow and will be out of pocket for about the next two weeks. How Convenient!

Basically what I need, if this is true, is permission to stay on the payroll long enough for my current entitlement of SIX WEEKS. The they can just pay me for whatever I’ve deferred.


You’re TexasT’s!?

Saw some dude yesterday I hadn’t talked to since like 1987. When we were introduced I recognized the name. But he KNEW me and KNEW OF ME. Says my name still comes up in procurement circles for stuff that I authored / pulled off. I was not what you would call an orthodox buyer.That really means nothing but is somewhat gratifying nonetheless.

Last time we crossed paths we were (really) still kids!

Chris really helped me out in terms of some attitude adjustment. T’s, you’ve been working towards this moment your entire career at The Big Clam. You should take it and RUN with it, Boyo!

Off to the races...
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