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Friends ~ Near and Far

Had a long IM conversation with one of my friends in The Netherlands today who also works for The Big Clam.

Also a long term employee. He is also being forced out with a severance although because of work law differences his departure will be a bit more profitable than mine. No matter, he deserves what ever the company deems to give to him I am sure. Like the conversation I had with an old acquaintance yesterday, this one is tending to steer me in the direction of:

“Thank goodness I was given the opportunity to get out while the gettin’ is good!”

Hemmo is glad to be leaving, and I guess, barring some sort of “miracle” I should be too.

Although he never worked directly for The Asian Overlord, there is no love there either. They had met more than once. Hemmo is convinced that a lot of the reasons the Security org is in such bad shape can be laid at the feet of this man.

Also had a long conversation via email with one of my co-workers in Malaysia that is apparently staying with the team which also seems to bear this out. The Overlord apparently has very few friends in the organization. He apparently is doing a fairly good job of running most of the good help he has, OFF!

But I digress...

Hemmo and I go a long way back, well about 10 years anyway, when we were both working on the same projects and travel across the Atlantic pond was more necessary, if not essential, to the health of the projects we shared.

He also taught me most of what I know about SAP security. And he was a patient if somewhat of a smart assed teacher. We became really good, close friends. Talking regularly and exchanging pictures and such.

Man had me in tears today during our conversation. This is no mean feat. We reminisced about the things we had done in the past. And how we wished we could be together more. Or could have been. Alas his role took him one way whilst mine took me another.

We did promise to keep in touch and he spent a while trying to bolster my somewhat shattered psyche. He is one of these people that no matter how hard things get he seems to have a wonderfully optimistic attitude. Dunno if that is a dutch thing or what.

I don’t care what it is. I love him like a brother. And there is no power on earth that will ever break that.

"It was great in those days you were my big American friend and I was proud talking about what you did for me when I was in the US and the way we dealt with each other. I really miss that, as it is nowadays hard to find something like that"

High praise in my opinion.

I told him: “God Hemmo I know. I really do! I miss that as well.
You have no idea, old friend.
I am still your big american friend. And I always shall be.


I could almost hear him say this in his deep booming dutch voice: “Waaaaal We will stay in touch and bear in mind you will never get out of my mind. So when left we keep messaging and mailing or phoning and than we wiil be sure we’ll meet again

His english goes all to shit when he gets emotional.

I miss him terribly.

I promised to “be positive and to keep looking at the sky”.

Had me all teared up again just quoting that from our IM.

Boy knows me well. And he’s right. How often DOES shit like that happen?
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