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Holy Crap! Again!

Not sure if y’all are aware but I moderate a flickr group for Model Railroading:


Not as diligent as I once was about the membership requests. We get several a month at least.

I had thought at one time about letting the membership just go open. But we’ve got kids in the group from all over the globe. I put it to the group when it was a lot smaller if they wanted me to open it up to just anyone and the results were inconclusive. So I kept it with me as the moderator. No one has really volunteered to take it on and I’m okay with that.

As groups go on flickr this is a fairly small one. My fault mostly because I am not spending the time that I could with it. But we have over 170 members, and somewhere around 1,500 photos in the group. A lot of which are kids.

I personally vet every single request for membership. How do I do that? Well I look at their photostream first to see if they have any train photos. Any at all. Barring that I look at their interests or contacts and then any favorite photos they’ve marked within flickr.

I pulled one such request today and was kind of amazed. His account name was Delaware Buddy Fucker. Got like 12 innocuous photos uploaded on the account in May. Not one of which is train related. So look at his favorites and well. Well. Well.

He has marked a lot of photos as favorites. All of which can be considered at the very least to be amateur porn. 1,100 hundred of them. I like porn as well as the next guy. But this is not what I would call good porn. This alone is enough to make me say, “Umm sorry dude, but this is a family show and well...based on your tastes in favorites... NO.

And no I didn’t look through all the pages of thumbnails, but enough. Yeesh! Classy.

I had pretty much already made up my mind but checked his contacts too. As far as I could tell all amateur or professional porn folk. Again I didn’t look through all. But enough...

His request had one line in it: “I like model trains”.

I am not required nor do I usually feel the need to explain why I turn someoen down, but this one? OMG!?

"Dear Delaware,

You know, a person's favorites say a lot about that person. As does their choice of account name...Seriously ~ Delaware Buddy Fucker?

As moderator of this group I vet any and all requests for membership.

This is not an adults only group. There are children here.

I don't usually go as far to check favorites a person has marked unless they do not have a lot of the requested subject as photos. And you don't. And your choice of user name intrigued me as well.

When I looked at your favorites, well. I think they speak for themselves. And you.

I feel I must respectfully decline your request.

Jeebus! I know it is a free world but hell. I will not have that in my group
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